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SAET – Shawkat Ara Educational Trust

Dr. Haleema Sadia started the social outreach programme in 2003 with taking out caravans in different areas of the country specially in slum areas and villages. She travelled in the length and breadth of this vast nation covering Bihar, Uttar Pradesh. Jharkhand, West Bengal. Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi.

She found that vast majority of people are unaware of the educational importance and when it comes to girl education some of them are reluctant to send their daughters to seek knowledge. She started educating and counselling the underprivileged children of cobblers, rickshaw pullers, home maids and other small-wages workers.

She supported the cause with her time, money, efforts and passion. Later the SAET was registered to carry out community reach programme systematically.  Today the trust is engaged in following activities under the leadership of Dr. Haleema Sadia and her team.

SAET – Shawkat Ara Educational Trust

Today the trust is engaged in following activities under the leadership of Dr. Haleema Sadia and her team.

  • To work for economic, social and educational development and upliftment of the underprivileged and differently-abled, especially children
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills amongst the needy, underprivileged and differently-abled so that they can become a part of startup hub in India
  • To work towards capacity building of other organizations with similar objectives and to work as nodal center for dissemination of knowledge and skills
  • To undertake , assist or execute government programmes, schemes and projects, both of the Central and State Governments
  • To institute awards, scholarships, fellowships and prizes to recognize talents in their respective fields
  • To establish training centres for the differently-abled for special integrated education so that they can pursue their dreams
  • To take up guidance and counseling services for students (career counseling) and initiate employment generation programmes, vocational training and skill development programmes in various fields
  • To introduce and promote education in the field of (but not limited to) electrical, electronics, computer sciences, information & technology, modern education technologies
  • To take up family counseling programmes for families living in slums and poorest sections of the society
  • To take up environmental education, soil protection programmes, waste land management/water shed programmes, protection and preservation of parks, lakes, streams, rivers and canals, trees and natural resource management;
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Al - Hira International School

Where being small makes a much difference!
 We provide a wide range of new experiences and activities for the children and we encourage independence and self confidence throughout. We have a caring and experienced team who are dedicated  to our school and the well-being of our children.


Salient   Features 

Al - Hira International School

  • The Al - Hira International School is an English medium school from Class 1 to 7
  • Islamic studies is part of the curriculum
  • The school is run By Shawkat Ara Educational Trust-New Delhi
  • No fees/ nominal fees

Salient Features include

  • Committed to Quality Education
  • Nominal Fee
  • Innovative & Well-developed Curriculum
  • Caring and Experienced Teachers
  • Spacious and Child-friendly environment
  • Latest Play Equipments
  • Individual attention
  • Well furnished classroom

Learnovate Coaching Centre

  • It is another feather in our cap
  • This coaching center is opened to help students excel in the areas they lag in
  • Our primitive focus remains on providing quality services rather than filling our rooms with students with no output.
  • The teachers at our coaching centre are well experienced and work towards the betterment of the children by providing them coaching in the required and relevant subjects in which they face difficulties.
  • Some of the highlights of what we intend to do
    • Special attention on weak students
    • Daily doubts clearing session
    • Regular classes for all subjects for class 4th to 10th
    • English Speaking Course
    • Computer Course
    • Scholarship for meritorious students
    • Well experienced teachers

EduFam International is a training and coaching academy that aims at providing unique approach of training in accordance with the rapidly changing needs and demands of the society.

Dr. Haleema Sadia is a dedicated, resourceful and a goal-driven, professional educator, with a commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child and adult.

As a training and coaching academy, we promote and help teachers, educational institutions and organizations to execute excellence in school education imbibed with human values with a great emphasis on commitment towards nation building as well as creating knowledge based society through providing various services and giving innovative ideas.

EduFam International has a centralized facility to provide training to teachers and trained resources along with a standard and contemporary syllabi and technology support.

Two areas in which we impart training are:-

  • Healthy Me Happy Me
  • Teacher as a Pedagogical leader

EduFam International

Healthy Me Happy Me

This thematic training aims at the happiness and well being of the teachers. Some of the areas being covered in this training are:

Physical Health

  • Problems and solutions

Mental Health

  • Long working hours
  • Class Performance
  • Remuneration not according to work

Emotional Health

  • To remain always positive
  • How to deal with personal issues
  • Dual Personality
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Teacher as a Pedagogical leader

This training focuses on all the aspects related to classroom teaching. Some of the areas being covered in this training are:

1 - Teaching Strategies

  • Flip Teaching

  • Experiential Learning

  • Outdoor Learning

2 - Teaching Methodologies